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Trauma is a single event, either from a long time ago or just recently, or a series of events repeated over time, which can cause you to feel overwhelmed with painful, frightening or self-loathing emotions, experience difficulty functioning in your daily life and sometimes produce a range of emotional and/or physical health issues.

Understanding Trauma:

We come into this world a perfect little girl or perfect little boy. Our soul shines brightly and inside of us we are filled with clarity, truth and awareness. We already have the answers and tools to navigate life  and grow up with confidence, certainty and ease. Then trauma occurs and everything changes. People, places and circumstances impact our life, and suddenly, our world become smaller and smaller as we try to survive each day. The negative messages that are "fed" to us from infancy onward take over and color everything we know. Sometimes, something happens that is so horrible that we forget who we are and how to feel whole. We now exist in a bubble of fear, anxiety, confusion and depression, far away from the life we were born to live. Our behavior amazes even us, as we often find comfort in depression, addiction or seclusion.  We desperately want it to end but don't know how these feelings can ever change. Trauma has become us, and is now housed deep inside of us every day.

Therapy Beyond Walls Virtual Retreat:

Is a personal journey that allows you to reclaim your freedom and clarity and your soul to shine once again. Together, I help you discover where your life 'short circuited' and everything went awry. We reconnect the 'cellular circuitry' and release old messages and traumatizing events safely and sacredly. Therapy Beyond Walls is loving, insightful, and liberating. It's the key to opening the door you have kept locked for a long time. It's your birthright to living the life for which you long.

As your therapist:

I 'hold hands' with you through every part of your life for a chosen period of time, which can range from three days to two full weeks (with weekends off for integration). Sometimes, I am helping you to heal and guiding you through different therapies. Other times, you are healing simply by us being together in daily life and reframing the old messages. I believe that the most profound healing truly comes from reframing your traumatic experiences and relationships with safe, clear and loving ones. This is 'Therapy Beyond Walls.'

Whether you are:

Someone who has been in therapy before and benefited from the process; a person who has never experienced any type of counseling; or one who has been put through the "system" over and over and just tried to survive, I promise you that this journey will be something completely different. I will listen to you carefully, honor you completely and see who you are underneath your layers of pain. I will help you release anything that has stopped you from being YOU and teach you how to build a passionate and purposeful life. True healing only occurs when we reach beyond what's not working and open ourselves to believe there is a better path. If Therapy Beyond Walls speaks to you, then it is right for you.

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