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Couple's Intensive

Full 3 Day Weekend

​ Is an exciting way to welcome your Beloved back into your life. When we embark on a relationship, we are fully committed to love. Love is the only thing that matters. Then life gets in the way, personalities collide, and a whole lot of issues and conflicts arise. Things like: Communication, listening, being heard, asking for what you need, being taken seriously, being honored, sexual expression and fulfillment, romance, stress and lifestyle compatability start to take up space. The commitment to love may still be there but is far overshadowed by the 'differences' and frustrations, hurts, pains and jealousies we perceive. This is called ‘the trauma of relationship,’ where emotional wounds are housed.
This Intensive is a time to release and reconnect. Each half of the couple is held as a magnificent being who, together with their 'other,' can grow to even greater heights. 
We incorporate many exercises to release and heal your emotional wounds and ask you to continue the process as a couple between each day's Intensive. 
At the end of the weekend, you experience your partner in a pure and open-hearted way that allows you to love each other for who you each are and have your needs met at the same time.

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