If you are seeking a new way, Therapy Beyond Walls offers individual therapy sessions and programs outside of intensives for non-trauma-based issues. Our sessions can range from a more typical one hour to a half-day block, depending on what you are trying to understand and what kind of time you seek. All sessions might incorporate therapeutic talk counseling; somatic (body-centered) therapy (giving voice to the experiences and messages held in the body); yoga process therapy; nutritional and cleanse therapy, healing through expressive arts and movement and deep energy cleansing/healing. We are sometimes sitting on the couch or chair and sometimes down on the yoga mat. If you are looking for a more expansive approach to your wellness, this is a good choice for you. Whether you have a targeted challenge that is keeping you from moving forward or you simply need a new perspective, we can process together with safety, insight and understanding and and help you come to a place of clarity, relief and the freedom to move forward. Sessions are offered both in person and through Skype.



Codependency          Addiction

 Emotional Disturbance       Grief   Depression


Obesity                             Anxiety

Coping Skills        Divorce    

Dual Diagnoses


Eating Disorders     Family Conflict

                Medical/Nutritional Detox and Cleanse

ObsessiveCompulsive Thoughts (OCD)                           

Self Esteem      Sleep or Insomnia

Relationship Issues     Sexual Abuse

Spirituality       Weight Loss


Dissociative Disorders     Mood Disorders     Sexuality     sadness    pain

Physical/Emotional Abuse


Career Confusion, Relationship Challenges, Food/Nutrition/Weight/Body Image, Health Challenges, Decision-Making, Confidence, Attachment Issues, Family Challenges, Marriage, Spiritual Crisis, Separation and Divorce, Being Single, Finding Joy

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