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Because I was nominated for the WEGO Health Awards for Health Activist Hero, I've decided to accept the Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge 30 Days/30 Posts. What does this mean? Starting today, I am following my WEGO Prompts #HAWMC Prompts, posting a blog each day in response to WEGO's topic prompt. I'm actually starting a week late, having just seen the challenge, but will still follow the prompts for 30 days. What's today's Prompt?

Wordless Wednesday!

Since this is the start of HAWMC, post a picture that shows how excited you are for the next 30 days. We always love a good Health Activist selfie! #HAWMC

OK, readers, I chose this picture for a reason~ It was taken last June, 2014, when I ran the Cook Your Buns race in Greenwich, CT. I typically run the race each year, partly because I'm a runner and it siginifies the first real feeling of Summer; mostly in honor of my father, who was my first running partner and also because a rockin' barbeque sponsored by Whole Foods is part of the after-race! The course is along the beach; the Long Island Sound on a June evening. It's a real community event; a "feel good" experience. For me, last June's race was radically different than any year previous. A year and a half before, on December 20, 2012, whille walking back to my car after a movie, I was hit by a driver, thrown into the windshield of his car, which I cracked with my head before ending up in the crosswalk. After being taken to the hospital, I was told I had two breaks in my leg and three in my face, and that I needed to have surgery as immediately as possible, including a plate put in my face. On top of that, I had to deal with the physical and emotional trauma that accompanies this type of experience.

I decided to opt for a different choice; to forego any surgery and to heal myself in the way I believed was possible. I went home, and for the next many months, that is what I did, accompanied by a myriad of holistic techniques and the support of friends. Today, you cannot tell I was ever hit by a car. Last June, the Cook Your Buns race was a true celebration of my life; I cried tears of gratitude crossing the finish line, and then I did my victory dance - the one you see pictured above.

I look forward to participating in the WEGO 30-day Challenge. Follow my posts and feel free to post a comment.

With Love,


#HAWMCPrompts #WEGOHealth #Healing #Holistic #CookYourBunsRace #Injuries

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