Random Acts of Kindness



WEGO 30-Day Health Activist Writers' Challenge Day 3

Good Samaritan

We love random acts of kindness. Write about a time that you benefited from the kindness of a stranger, or a time when you were the one extending a helping hand. How did you feel? #HAWMC

There were two times in my life that someone left me a present without letting me know who it was from. One time, it was left on my car. It was the most amazing experience, as at first, I really wanted to know who gave it to me so I could thank them, and as time went on, I really got that part of their gift was for me Not to know and to simply know that I was loved and appreciated. By remaining anonymous, the person was taken out of the equation and what was left was how truly special I must be to be the recipient. Just writing this now and remembering makes me want to do that for someone else! I find that the greatest joy I get is when I can really give to another person in some way and watch it make a difference for them. It doesn't have to be material, though helping out a friend in financial need is an amazing experience, no matter how much or how little. We do it knowing we might not get it back and if we do, it's icing on the cake. Just showing up as a friend or being there for someone in a time of need is hugely gratifying. Being able to see someone smile because we ease their struggle in some way is an extraordinary expereience.

When I was injured, and someone I never met before would stop me in the market and ask if they could help me shop, push my cart or grab something off of the shelf for me, I was deeply touched. During that time, my friend and her sister came over and cleaned my entire apartment. I couldn't believe it and had never experienced anything like that.

I think the most powerful part of being a good samaritan is that it takes us out of our own "deficient and deffective thinking," and makes us feel wealthy beyond our means. There is a richness in giving that extends beyond anything we might or might not have. It is at that moment that we feel the interconnectedness between all of humanity and realize that we can affect the world by a simple act of kindness.

In terms of health and wellbeing, if you are going through a rough time, no matter how deep or for how long, find something you can give to another who also needs support. Maybe you listen to that person share whatever is going on for them and simply acknowledge them for letting you know. You might ask a friend how you can support them in what they need - even this question reminds the other person how loved they are. This has a double healing affect - it helps heal the other person, and realizing the infinite healing power you possess, and that we each do, you begin to feel better inside. You start to see yourself as a healer, rather than just as someone who needs to be healed. Offering a helping hand means we take our hand and place it someone else's hand, and at that moment, we are no longer alone. The energy we get from connecting with someone outside of ourselves at that moment ignites our own wellbeing. My recommendation is that no matter how resistant or caught up in your own feelings you might be, to try an act of kindness. Extend your hand to a friend and see what happens - You just might be surprised.

#kindness #healing #goodsamaritan #wellbeing #HAWMCPrompts

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