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Making Every Treatment

Life-Changing Together

Therapists,      Psychologists,      Psychiatrists,       Social Workers:

I am committed to supporting other therapists and clinicians in my work. I know there are some patients/clients who are processing such deep layers of trauma or are embedded in long-term addiction that you, as their  therapist, do not have the therapeutic time frame or space to offer that level of core healing. As a clinician, you might be looking for a more in-depth healing experience and follow-up tools for your patient/client.

Therapy Beyond Walls is happy to contract with you to do an Intensive with your patient/client, after which she or he 'returns' to you to continue your course of treatment. Working together, I can help connect our process to your process. I have found this methodology and team construct to be extremely beneficial to you as therapist and to your patient/client. It has shown itself to be highly effective in the patient/client experiencing a caring, committed and comprehensive support network. The therapy team is an amazing tool for wellness - working together to heal. 

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