Making Every Treatment

Life-Changing Together

Therapists,      Psychologists,      Psychiatrists,       Social Workers:

I am committed to supporting other therapists and clinicians in my work. I know there are some patients/clients who are processing such deep layers of trauma or are embedded in long-term addiction that you, as their  therapist, do not have the therapeutic time frame or space to offer that level of core healing. As a clinician, you might simply be overseeing their care and looking for the right plan and healing tools for them.

Therapy Beyond Walls is happy to contract with you to do an Intensive with your patient/client, after which they 'return' to you to continue your course of treatment. Working together, I can help connect our process to your process. I have found this methodology and team construct to be extremely beneficial to you as therapist and to your patient/client. It has shown itself to be highly effective in the patient/client experiencing a caring, committed and comprehensive support network. The therapy team is an amazing tool for wellness - working together to heal. I am also happy to refer clients to you for therapy post-Intensive.

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